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Welcome to Retrofit Compliance Inc.
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Retrofit Compliance Inc. is a privately owned, service oriented construction company dedicated to helping ensure the safety of soft story condominiums and apartment buildings in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, California.

When you come to us here at  Retrofit Compliance Inc., you can be sure you're getting unmatched personalized service from start to finish. We are very involved with each project and work on them as if it was our own home and family we are protecting. For us here safety is our primary concern. Keeping you and your family safe and secure in your own home is what we do best and is what we commit to with every project we work on.

Here at Retrofit Compiance Inc., we take pride in delivering top-notch retrofit compliance Inc. services that ensure the safety of residential buildings and their residents. Our services are geared towards giving our clients the peace of mind they deserve, knowing that their apartment, home or building has become a better, safer, and more energy-efficient home to live in. 
To find out more about how Retrofit Compliance Inc. can help you with all your retrofitting needs, please contact us today for a free estimatate.

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Below are a few samples of how moment frames are assembled. Depending on the installation, they can be field welded or manufactured and bolted together in the field. Our engineers and architects will use the best system for the aplication to save time and money without compromisingg strength or integrity of the retrofit application.

Moment frames come in all shapes and sizes.

Moment frames can be welded in the field or bolted together on the job site.
All of our moment frames are made custom for each project for a precise fit.